Welcome to S.Monroe Designs

Welcome to S.Monroe Designs

It all started when I became a mom. I brought my baby girl Samantha Monroe into this world January 2014. I had so many plans in store for her. However those plans were put to the side as we would spend the majority of her life in and out of hospitals. I could'nt go back to work yet. She was in need of medical care 24/7. In may of 2014 we finally saw the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and would be blessed with most of the knowledge of her care to be able to make a journey home. She was stable but would still have a long way to go. 

S.Monroe designs was never the idea in that moment.

Although my daughter would still need around the clock care, we were struggling, living paycheck to paycheck with just my fiancé working and I still unable to go to work. I had to figure something out. 

I borrowed my Grandma's sewing machine just to make some silly things. Mostly I wanted to make cute dresses for our daughter since most of the newborn clothes she had were never given the chance to be worn. I quickly found out that was not for me. I started on other things that the stores never offered. I started with some cup cozies since the paper ones always fell apart, some kitchen towels because you can never have enough and rice bags for pain. This was mainly for family and friend's just to see if I was on to something,  I guess it was meant to be because I was getting orders!

I wanted to get out there and sell what I had made. So in November 2014 I booked my first craft fair. I was so excited. I got my products ready, practiced my set up in my living room and headed off to the craft fair.

It was cold and rainy. I remember pulling up to the parking lot, and seeing a big gust of wind take out another vendors tents. I hadnt even parked in my spot yet and the coordinator cancelled the event right there. 

I was bummed but I was able to see some of the vendors set ups and I quickly realized I was NOT ready yet. 

I left, went to Starbucks and got some donuts to take home. As I was driving home, I had all these crazy ideas in my head and this was going to be the way I can contribute financially to my household and stop living paycheck to paycheck. I needed to do some research and come up with a plan.

With lots of advice, research and word of mouth, in December 2014, S.Monroe Designs was born.   


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